Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Huge bank of blogs

It's amazing how many Etsy sellers are keeping blogs. This is a giant repository of links.

As originally posted by mothtoflame - thanks for those who organized this info in one spot.


1aeon - myspace

2 much stuff 2day

3 sister's beads

9 coaches waiting

925 studio

the 13th rabbit

a clever resource

a cozy life

a crafters reality

a lil bit of spice

a little hut

a karabu creation

a katsai view

a little something by dawn

a moment in time

a planet named janet

a pretty rock

a rose by name

a. nieman crochet

a.r. treasurefield :: back & forth between paper & polymer ::

abbey 753 :: glass art beads ::

abigail percy


ACETSY :: ACEO Street Team for Etsy ::

acoustic dryad


adamson studio

the adventures of an easily distracted girl

the adventures of an urban kampung girl

ADD poster child

adorn jewelry

airstream diva

alexandras jewelry

alice mullen

alice's pastryland

alicia bock photography :: bloom, grow, love . . . ::

alicia mae 8

alicub cards


all about the buttons

all things etsy

all things littleput :: the paper coated world of littleput books ::

all thosethrees

allison strine

almond tree

alpaca granny

altered art

altered events


ambient design

ambrosia delights

amie hartman designs

Amy L. Burns

amy keith

an aura of romance

analiese designs


andrea evans design

andricon girl

andrus garden's quilts

angie greene

anodyne design

another country beadwork

antelucan daisy

april and angus

aorta design :: hello, my name is jessica ::

ari designs

art 4 milkbones

art and ghosts

art and oddities of tangerined

art and start

art by wes

art challenge blog :: art daily 2007

art created by ahna

art jewelry collective

the art of craft

artgirlx studio

artisan jewelry

artistic jen's place


artsy clay

arty all sorts

arty 4ever

ascender rises above

asil art W.I.P.s

asilomar works

ask sister mary martha

at knit's end

athena's armoury

aussie patches

autumn daisy studio :: the blog ::


B. B. Bellezza

bc gurl 70

bcyr jewelry

baba studio

baby banana fish

baby let's shop

backwoods creations

bags 2 impress

bailey bowls

bamboo village press

banana head pancake

barter sauce


bead bugs boutique

the bead circle blog

bead gal designs

bead jewelry shop girl

beaded imagery

beadiful things


beads deep


beautiful brush stroke

beautiful designs by tian

beccas bowtique


beelicious handbags

beetle lady

belinda del pesco

bella rose creations

belle noelle online

bellis :: modern letterpress stationery and invitations ::

below 14th designs

ben can dance :: the life of Ben, a polymer man ::

beth blogs :: socks that fit

beth robinson

bette jo's bead creations

better than a sample sale

bev's huggables plus

the big pink studio

biscuit of doom

black star jewelry

blended colors

blind cavefish

blissful by quenna

block party press :: bright colors, bold textures & unique original designs

the blog diggity dog blog

blog full of jelly

blogue fonetik blog

blooming lily

blue marmalade and red sky

blue moon studio

bogg's blog

bohemian closet

bombus :: the art of craft

bombus :: re-create

bonny jewelry

boudoir betty

boxc jewelry

bracelet a day

brain fizz by jelene


brand vita

brandy wine boutique

bree lee d

breeding fancy

broken teepee


buckets of love

bugs and fishes

bully beads

bumpkin bears

burtonwood studios

button makers ball

buttons and bows

by cin

by cole

cg studio

caffeinated crafts

cajun bag lady :: talk it up ::

calico daydreams


Calyx Ann

camano made

camera obscura :: other people, other places, other times ::


canale creations


cari's design

carried away

cat bishop :: recycling fine junk into so-so art ::

catno 1

celtic harp and drum

chatnoir studios

chel dodge


chez michelle

chickadee beads

the chicks with sticks

child of hope


clare little

clinkscales arts

coco popsicle

coco popsicle - myspace

colby lane designs

cold shoes


coloring outside the lines

cornerstone's pyrography and pop-ups

cosy makes

cracked moon

craft therapy

the crafters journal

craftily ever after

crafts from the heart linda

craftwork with lilyriver

crafty alien

crafty maneuvers

crafty moose crafts

crafty red head

the crafty wino

crawler covers :: member of etsy kids and etsy mom ::

creations with heart

cre8ive juice

creative apples

creative art and soul

creative musings

creative rants from nerissa

crochet in chains

crochet roo

crocheted treasure :: all handmade crocheted items ::

crooked halo designs

crushed ferret

crystal j. :: hand painted silk accessories ::

cubist literature

cupcakes for clara

curbside treasure

cyn contemporary

cynthia j. guardo's art journal

dd pool- blogspot

dd pool - vox

dm rice art

dabble with crafts

daibe beads

daisy moon tree

damselfly creations

dandilion designs

dark temptations :: bath and beauty products ::

dashery jewelry

daughter of luxury

debra lane designs

decho's designs

deciduous soul

delicious stitches

denise culberson

design by stamp

designs and desires

designs by jamie

designs by jenean

designs by lisa

designs by lulu belle

the devils wallpaper

devon stitching

diane clancy's blog

diane meriam

dichroic glass jewelry :: by lis kidder ::

didigal decor

dillon designs


discards stationery - myspace

diva beads

diva dea

domestic rebus

donovan beeson

dos dulces

dottot boutique

dragon in knots

dragonfly gems


dream spiral art

the dreamy giraffe

dust and clay something pretty

e & e reflections

e cubed arts

earth n elements pottery :: meddling in the mud ::

ebb and flo

eclectic discoveries

the eclectic studio

eggman studios

electric bluebird

electrikolor world

elemental stitches

elizabeth gwen originals

elizabeth williams

ellebee studio


embellished home

enso jewelry

enthral enthral

envy and octopus

etsians say the darndest things

etsy beads

etsy eclectic jewelry artisans

etsy for charity

etsy garden

etsy glass artists

etsy greetings

etsy journal :: track the collaborative journals 1 through 4 ::

etsy kids

etsy lucky thirteen club

etsy moms

etsy mud team

etsy pick of the day

etsy presents : VAST :: visual artists street team ::

etsy sellers who blog v2

etsy selling tips :: from little put books ::

etsy trashion

etsy u.k.

etsy veg :: unique goods handcrafted by vegans and vegetarians ::

etsy's most wonderful things

everything ok! blogstuff (and vampires)

eye pop art

the fab miss b

faded willow

faerie window



the fairie's nest

the fantail

fantasy artists of etsy

fatchic diana rajchel

fearless fibers

feeding the bobbin

feisty diva




fiddle stitches

filed fingers

fine art by mattos

fire chick tick

firefly glass studio :: janet crosby ::

first born studio


fluffy flowers

flutterby blue

focus on

for the love of birds

for your good life

fraske designs

the fray

fujiiro fae

gg's exclusives :: what's happening ::

gallerialinda showcase

garden painter art

gardenia's miscellany

gavin and lily

gemini knits

gemini moon mosaics

gems by jules

georganne's baby


get carried away

get rl



gilfling's designs

girls can tell

girl with yarn


glass beach

the glass fairy

glass hedge

glass house jewelry

glass primitif

glitter works studio

gold school

gosh darn knit

grasshopper handmade

gray animal

great river road destination

green bee studio

green zebra

greenthumb designs

grizzly mountain arts

groovy glass girl


gwynn's gifts

haiku bird :: seventeen syllables alight ::

hand crafted gifts on etsy :: your complete guide to etsy ::

handmade books

happy house quilts

happy whosits

hear me roar


heloise jewellery



hobo camp crafts

hojpoj : the daily grind


holly's designs

home grown skinny

homemade originals

hot off the sales rack

how to make art


hugs and kisses baby boutique

humble beads

hush mouse

i dye roving

i like sea monsters

i make fish

i sew blog

ideas inc.

illustrator sam

imagine that art studio

impybat :: groovy vinyl

in my minds eye

independant designers

indiana etsy

indie finds on etsy

indie fixx

indie home ec


indigo blah

indiscretion mara

infinite pink


inseine creations


insomniac scrapbook theater

inspiration is contageous . . . pass it on

isabella smiles

island blossom

island blossom shop - myspace

it's the bag

it is sunny at ebert's

iva art

ivy arts

the ivy leaf

j. nic designs

j pat purses

jc handmade

jd wolfe pottery

jQ jewelry designs


jabaro designs

the jade dog

jared ks



jems by jb and company

jenna lou designs

jenn maruska design

jessica sharrah

jessie keylon


JETT :: jewelry on etsy team ::


jewel house rocks

jewel parlour

jewels in wire etsy shop's blog

jewelry by tara

jewelry for all ages


joanna goldman

jodie loves cupcakes

joey and aleethea

joyful abode :: domesticity by trial and error

jpat purses

julie adore art

julie knoblock

julie*ry jewels

juniper berries

just another day designs

justine's odyssey


kae 1 crafts

kali cat designs

karabu creations

karlita shop

karma's kreations

kaskaad handmade jewellery

kastroll kreations

kat krafty

kathryn semolic

kathyy's krafts

katie did designs

kateri morton

katy diddys

kawaiineh singyee

kd made

keepin' up with the tatums


kelley accents


kelly zarb style

keta banana



kim's kandid kamera

kimmich design

kiss the frog boutique

kitty grrlz

knit spin

knit steel

knit steel - xanga

knit style

the knitlette


knits and pieces

knitted gems

knitting ajour :: stitchmarkers and handknitted items from europe ::

knitting like crazy

knitty dirty girl

knot by gran'ma

kooky handbags

kool kooky kreatures

korbel fine arts

kreated by karina


kristian's world

kupo kiley

the lp blogs

lair of the silver dragon

langan kuluttaja

lapella art

late fragments

the later parade

lauren rose design

lauriann wakefield

lavender sheep's fiber garden blog

lazy t crochet

lemon cadet

lemons and lollis

less than three designs

liana kabel

life, art, yarn and baby poop

life as i see it

lil fish studios

lil rustler

lilibeth's garden

lilli tutu

lily moon home

lily on the dust bin

lily sky designs

lilly queen jewelry

lipstick dipschitz

lisa call

lisa fu design blog

lisa hammer

little bit wired

the little brown bird

little daisy chains

little lumpkin

little miss meshell

the little stitch

liz a.k.a. hobbledehoy

liz adams

lizard princess beads

lolabee designs

look mom, i'm crafty


loops designs

loopy 4 ewe

lorenz studio

Lost Mitten

love dynamite

love gemma

loving anvil

lt things

luckman photography :: trevor luckman

lucky duck designs

lulu knits


lunasa designs

lunenburg artist

lure arts ceramics

lush beads

lynn knitter

lynsey hunter

m. lee fine art

m. sessions

mabel mcbee

made by gettig

made by melissa

made by melissa - myspace

made by milla

mafalda's art

maggie sue designs

maggie's crafting adventures

magnolia grace

magprint original prints

making things

mama trep's designs

mandy budan

manoa road

maria elena designs


marmalady's blog

marmee craft


marshatoh - myspace

mary hanks


mayday studio


mcfarland designs

mdk jewelry designs

meb designs

mechanical philosopher

meg's lemonade

melissa sue stanley


memory is art

men of etsy

meri greenleaf

meringue diary

mermaid and friends

merritt's mosaics :: the glass and grout blog! ::

mew paper arts

michele hamby

michele's jewelry box

michelle brusegaard

mill girl

milly and nan's

mine creations


mini bliss cakes

mira finds

miss evil kitty

miss malaprop

miss mia designs

miss mish mish mish mash

misses kwitty's fancies

the mixed up arts of beth b

mjd boutique

mjy glass

moco cafe

modern card

modern charm

modern dharma

modern plein air

modern reclamation

the mommy and me boutique

monkey blues glass

moo moo

moogan creations

moon dance 279

morgan alexa designs

morrgan's creatures

mossy owls

moth to flame :: irresistible attractions

mrs. dragon's wares :: cards, cats & random bits & bytes of life ::

ms. belle

mt joy school

much ado about

muddy with milla

mugwort maggies apothecary


my art by donna rose

my baby's funky junk

my bella colle

my house is cuter than yours

my little cuddle bugs

my my

my pictures of lily

my silly art life

my sticks and stones

nanjo dogz

natalia designs

natural light images

nature autumn corner

nea jewelry bijoux


netta's creations

never felt better by jen

news from mccall

nicholas j. fugedi

noemi's projects

nora and will

norahz art

notes from the edge of nowhere


nutsy coco

nycole rosen


oceanic wilderness

odd socks

ode to humanity

oh dear :: by rachel

old but new

once upon a dog blog

one good bumblebee

organic stills

original abbie

oriri draco design

osoazul design

own two hands

the p.m. graham blog

pagano design works catablog

paint floats

the painted tiger

paintings by jude

the paira birds

pamela michelle

pamela quilts

pampering beki

paper cloth

paper flower girl

paper girl productions

paper people planet

patricia's art

patti haskins


peach cake knits

peacock blue

pearly grey

the pebble collection

pedlyn's musings

pelecy pods

pepperina press

persimmons gal

pesky pixies

pet + etsy = PETSY!

picture trail - debiluvssre

pingwen blog

pink bathtub

pink flamingo swizzle stick

pink ice jewels

pink milk design

pink polkadot poodle

the pink samurai

pinkuno Neko

pinky creations

pistol and stigma

pixie blossoms


plastic pumpkin :: cool gifts and original artwork ::

plein air cafe

pm threads

poetic purl

polkadot market


poppycat news

posh sauce

prairie daisy handspun

precious quilts

project wonderland

projects : heather lynn white

pso design

the punkin pie loft

purl boutique

purple hair and puppetry

purple papaya news

purpose design

pursue your art

q branch ltd.

quilt antics

quilted blessings

quirky bags

quirkyn berkeley

r. picard photography

rachael herbert


rae's creations

rain's end

rainy day art

raspberry licorice

raspberry licorice - myspace



red cat run

red panda chainmail

the redheads greenthumb

redux designs

rekoj rants

renee designs

retro attic

right as rain creations

right out loud handmades

rmd designs

rocca designs

rock-a-baby clothing co.

rock river stitches

the rocker chic

rodrod scrolled art

royal jewelz

rufus and roxy

run more miles

runz with scissor's snips

rusted designs

sagittarius gallery

sakura fubuki designs:: joy and passion

sakura fubuki designs - myspace

sakuri kitty and katie collide

sand fibers

sandra eileen artisan jewelry

sandy simone

san francisco lauren

sara pretty fun

sarah kat

sarah knits

scarf it up

the school locker


scorpienna - myspace

the scrappy scrapper

scrub me all over

seaside quilts

secret boyfiend

see jayne knit

see katie sew

see tomorrow girl

serendipity fibers


sew bettie

sewing simple

sewlutions world

shabby cottage studio

shagpiles blog

shandke art journal

shanks art

shanty folk

she brews

she knits

sheeps clothing :: news from the flock

shell mitchell

she's so chic

shine jewelry

ship by rls

shop clementine

shop objects of affection


shy violet designs


silent goddess ::crazy little metal studio

silk cat design

silverlining designs

silver monk

simone walsh

simple arts planet

simply xs baggage

sixth and elm

skiing weaver

skinny la minx

skinny rabbit

the sky ruby project

slack stitches

slings and sacks

small threads

smile creation's crafts

smug cat designs


so sherry

sock dogs

soho beads

solamar 7

something beautiful eclectics

sonita's treasures

sparkle me designs

spiglass studio

split yarn

starry designs

stash in half

stella danza

stephana designs

stephanie distler

stephanie gibson jewelry

stiletto heights

stone soup jewelry

string me along

subtle, not gory

such pretty colors

sugar plum baby

summer sea herbs

susan foss

swank show

sweet spice essentials :: botanical body care

sweet stella

sweety prize

swoon retro modern lingerie

sylvia's jewellery

tqb designs

tabitha emma


tamba toys

tangerine sunshine jewelry

tantalizing creativity

tara ross studios

tatsuko craft

teeeeee berry designs


tempest studios


tethyis dreams

that's headley

that's so twisted

the soulful home

there is art

thick gurl

thirteenth story

thrifting in oblivion

thought bubble

three sisters beads

Tiffany G. Harvey

tiger girl etsy


timeless etsy

tinkering times


titled unnecessarily

to knit perchance to dream

tomate d'epingles blog

tori avig

tracy joy baby creations

tracy's candle creations

trousseaux to treasure

true mirage

twisted stitches blog of blogs

twisted thicket (formerly Artful Visions)

two knotty hempers

u.k etsy sellers


the unique baby

unique expressions

upon the waters

valad bunny

vanini design

the vanities vintage


vicki leigh studios

vintage body spa

vinyl monster

violet's vintage

virtual lori


w.b. eckert studio

w.b. eckert studio - xanga

wayward pixie

wayward pixie- myspace

wendi designs

wendi winn

what she said blog

where's my coffee :: scenic artisans ::

WhiMSy love

whimzy pinzy

wild sage lampwork blog

willow cat studio


Wisconsin Street Team :: the moo crew

wist etsy

wonderful odds and ends



yapps cottage decor

yellow scissors

yes dear :: amanda schulze

yoboseiyo :: dateline . . . my floor ::

you go girl soaps


yvette jewelry designs

zenith jade


anodyne said...

Wow, so many blogs! Thanks for sharing the list.

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Wow, that is quite a list... there is a correction to my entry however.

I no longer have a myspace.

SO my blog is Sandra Eileen Jewelry and the url is

enso said...

sandra - will fix that. I love your blog and follow it as I can!

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